The Orange Manuscript. Ready to be shipped

After long time setting up the pages and testing, The Orange Manuscript is ready. A facsimile compiling 120 selected pages of the notebooks written during the last years.

How could I define my undetermined writing? This artwork itself is a love letter to notebooks, a flight of fancy and also a part of me. A holder to keep ideas and experiences with full passion and dedication. Discover by yourself the feelings with this travel along its pages.

Printed in high quality vergé paper. Great level of detail.

Pages manually bound. Both paper and adhesive for bookbinding are free of acid.

The Orange Manuscript includes the following pages:

Original Moleskine cover.
120 pages pocket size (140 x 90 mm).
Numbered and signed copies.

Price: 285 € (euros)

Certified shipping to worldwide and taxes included.

Please send an email to naranjacorreo@gmail.com to place an order.

Many thanks for reading and welcome.

For more info related to my notebooks visit: http://instagram.com/jose_naranja

These videos show some pages:


Varenikje said...

I am so excited to get one of these! I can hardly wait!!

Robert Ballou said...

Received mine the other day and it is awesome. Meticulously packaged and arrived safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I ordered this! I love pouring through the pages! No matter how many times I have looked at a page I always find something new to discover... So many hidden gems!!! Thank you for sharing your notebooks!!!

Lindsay Mengebier said...

Beautiful piece of art that any notebook lover will savor! Great attention to detail making each page a unique treasure.

lulu lillet said...

I received your extraordinary package yesterday. I had intended to save it for Christmas, but I couldn’t.

I love it so much - everything, the packaging, the little inserts, the drawings, the thoughts, ideas, and humor. I am much better in French than Spanish, but I can still understand quite a bit. Enough to be inspired, to learn, and to laugh.

It’s hard to believe you actually work at this size, at first I thought you must have reduced it down in printing, but the size of the stamps tells me no, this is the original size. Unbelievable, and I thought I wrote small. It also boggles my mind how you managed to print the pages so perfectly. It seems like you would have to had to take your original notebook apart to get the gutter to print so perfectly. Not that you would not be capable of this, given the beautiful re-binding.

Thank you, José, glad you are there, are working, and sharing.

MAI said...

A page of 1 page is a wonderful book like a treasure.
A lettering, the color, a picture and sticker etc,everything is beautiful.
The affection one made as much as is being excited about this book I didn't make.

jessie huang said...

I bumped into Jose's Instagram page when I was searching some travelling notebook pics. I am lucky to have one of the Orange Manuscript as it is really amazing. It just make me feel like I want to follow Jose's footprints and do what he does at the moment.

Thank you so much, for sharing the incredible experience with us all around the world.

I would love to see more manuscripts coming out soon.


socksahoy.blogspot.ca/ said...

Jose is a true Artist. Each and every page is a wonder. The illustrations, the graphics and layout are all meticulous. This will be a treasured object and will take an honoured place on my mantle along with some other treasured books. Thank you for this work of art. I hope there are more in the future. Carla

Fabrice from France said...

I found Jose Naranja Instagram account when surfing and searching some good information about notebooks, artist illustrations, traveler's notebook community.
Then found also his blog, here. And order my Orange Manuscript too.
What an amazing production, realization, dream-come-true ... well ... speechless ! This was a pure magic instant when opening the box, opening the craft paper, having this magic little notebook in my hands, readung pages after pages.
Thanks a lot Jose for this testimony.
In the present days of numeric supports and digital transformation, nothing for me is better than paper, drawing, pencils, watercolors.
You know, here in France, we are still dreaming in front of Lascaux's Cave pre-historic paints, even if iPhones are in our pocket.
This is what you are doing Jose, with your production. Keep it ! Let us dreaming in front of your amazing notebooks.
I can wait until the next release of a new Orange Manuscript.

David.C said...

I had the chance to host my old friend Jose at home in Amsterdam and finally got to see his impressive art live. We know each other for more than 12 years and to the date, every single time I meet up or I speak to him keeps fascinating me with his art and passion for creation. His story and way to see life is fantastic and absolutely unique. The good news is that anyone can get a glance of that through his marvelous "The Orange Manuacrit". A handmade copy Made out of his best notebook pages. Every single drawing is handmade by him. There are no words to describe all the thoughts and ideas hidden in the manuscript. Have a look at his Instagram channel (with over 100.000 followers and counting) to have a look at all his creations and art. His own interpretation of the Spanish "Juego de la Oca", named "El Viaje de Danau", where absolutely every inch of picture hides tons of secrets and stories is ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING.

And there are simply no words to describe his Manuscrit. Probably the best invested money ever. A journey to his thoughs and phylosophy. A must for any art collector, live lover and curuious mind.

Dixiechick 1317 said...

This Orange Manuscript is a magnificent piece of art! I am thrilled that I ordered one.

Anonymous said...

I was looking through my instagram page when I stumbled upon your orange manuscript. Absolutely beautiful. I don't think I've ever been this inspired by a work of art. Truly breathtaking.

Nifty said...

I love my Orange Manuscript and can't wait to buy Volume 2 if and when Jose decides to make it! Please read my interview with Jose at Notebook Stories: AN INTERVIEW WITH JOSÉ NARANJA, CREATOR OF THE ORANGE MANUSCRIPT

Aram Tavitian said...

I received my copy of the manuscript yesterday! An amazing notebook, beautifully illustrated and written. A work of art. I am looking forward to reading all of its pages!!

Belén García said...

I've just recieved my Manuscript, and I must say it has surpassed all my expectations. It's nonot a simple Note book. Its a global piece of art. Drawings, calligraphy and texts offer an endless number of details, and also an amazing sense of humour. I'm still laughing with José's proposal for Barcelona's Aesthetic change.....

José, congratulations. I keep waiting for new editions. Your manuscript will be readed and enjoyed again and again.

Liz McAuley said...

I took advantage of the Black Friday sale to purchase the Orange Manuscript. It is absolutely stunning. I received it very promptly. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is incredible. The print quality and colors are excellent. It's a very inspiring journal - every page is a work of art. I do some traveling of my own and this has really inspired me to keep a more visual journal on my next trip. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Anonymous said...

as soon as I have $350! : )

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BP said...

Inspiración pura. Gracias por compartir, ahorraré para mí Orange Manuscript.