Prints for sale

After a long process to make it possible and setting technical points I'm happy to have them in my hands. They are touchable, real and now I can offer them to everyone. Here they are!

All prints have the following specifications:

Paper size: 297 x 210 mm (A4)
Image size: 237 x 185 mm
High quality printed on vergé paper 120 g/m2
Limited edition 60 copies each
Signed and numbered

1. Aesthetic version of Periodic Table

2. Donauwörth

 3. Eau de Donau

 4. Ink Bottles

 5. Lección de anatomía

6. Aprenda ruso con el cosmonauta Lenin

7. Personajes en Anna Karenina
 8. Matryoshka

9. Matisse and Dragonfly
10. Fishorgón

11. Libelo Poeto

12. Ataque alienígena

13. Estudio ideal

14. Génesis

15. Inocencio X

16. Tribu inédita

17. Página densa

18. Le voyage du Mat

19. Uniformes

20. Propuesta Barcelona

Prices with 10% discount applied. Available now:

1 print:      40 EUR
2 prints:    60 EUR
3 prints:    75 EUR
5 prints:    95 EUR

Worldwide shipping and taxes included in the price.

Each copy includes a certified of authenticity.

Please use the button below to place an order and pay.

If Paypal button is not working, please send the payment via Paypal directly to jn.artjournals@gmail.com

Contact to naranjacorreo@gmail.com for any doubt, additional information or ordering more than 5 prints.

Thanks for watching!


Last high density page

One year ago (when I finished the last high density page) I decided don't do that again.

Well, this is a new compact page from the last week. Just to save paper.

For some reason I always use great Black-Green Diamine ink for these tiny letters and drawings.